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Meet the Mama Makers

Welcome to first ever blog post for Lamb and Sparrow! This is something we've been thinking about doing for a while, so here goes!

We thought we'd start out by introducing ourselves. We are Sharon and Tash, sisters, mamas and the makers behind Lamb and Sparrow. 

One of the main questions we get asked is how we started out our little business. It all started with a pom pom tutu made by Tash as a present for Sharon's eldest daughter. She'd often get stopped in the street and asked where the skirt was from and then asked if Tash could make one for their children. This sparked the seed to start making tutus and silicone necklaces and start selling them at markets. One thing led to another and here we 3 years down the track, running our business from home and loving what we do!

Here are a few fun facts about us both:

  • Sharon is the eldest and Tash is the youngest of 4 sisters
  • We have 4 kids between us - Tash has a girl and a boy, Sharon has 2 girls
  • We grew up on a farm 300km south of Perth - Tash lives in Perth and Sharon has returned to the farm with her family
  • We've both travelled extensively and have been to Europe, Africa and Amercica
  • We are also both teachers

That's a little bit about us! We hope you've enjoyed reading about how Lamb and Sparrow came to be and learning a few things about the makers behind the brand!

Love, Sharon and Tash xx 

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